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Hi, I'm Alexandre Audebeau.

I'm . Young french IT Engineer, got my Master since more than a year,
which wants to increase programming skills on web, mobile and software domains.
What I like in programmation is being able to create anything you want, and help to make
easier people's life.

My preferences in programmation languages are multiple, but I really love web development,
with Java, PHP, Scala for server-side, and Angular JS, jQuery for client-side. Since two years,
I am working on an Android app, and I would like to learn how to make the same with iOS or Windows Phone.
I have also some skills in software development, particulary with Java & C#.

Since September 2015, I've started my own company, to offer IT development services, in addition to my job,
where I develop customer specifications for IBM WebSphere Commerce solution.

Curriculum Vitae

Web Developer

AlizNet (Laval, France)

I'm in this company since october 2015, and my missions are to respond to customer specifications, by developping some customisations on IBM WebSphere Commerce platform. This is an e-commerce solution which provide marketing, sales, customer and order processing functionalities. This software is built on the Java/J2EE language.

Frontend Developer

Azuken (Auto Entrepreneur) (Laval, France)

During a few weeks, I've made for a ancien partner all the frontend part of his new web application. This has increased my skills with AngularJS framework, and I've learned to use TypeScript framework, to have a code with best structure and more "typed". I've also used Gulp and NodeJS to build this application.

Developer (work-linked training)

Shortways (Laval, France)

I was in this company during two years, for my Master in IT Engineering. My main job was to develop a web interface for a Cloud backoffice. This is on this project I've discovered AngularJS framework, and Scala language. But I've also worked on some functionalities, POC of the company main solution, "Shortcuts", built in C#.

Developer (work-linked trainning)

Osys - Groupe Bodet (Laval, France)

I spent my Licence in this company, and I developed some specifications provided by customers on a MES solution, created by Osys.

Master - IT Engineering

Institut d'Informatique Appliquée (Laval, France)

BTS - IT Management

Institut d'Informatique Appliquée (Laval, France)

BAC - Electrotechnical

Notre Dame de Bonnes Nouvelles (Beaupréau, France)


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